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About Sheryl Gettings, Principal Consultant

Experience as a clinician:

Sheryl has over 12 years’ rich experience as a clinician. After qualifying as a registered children’s nurse, Sheryl provided family-centred care for new-born babies on the neonatal surgical unit at Sheffield Children’s Hospital for three years. She then moved to a role providing continuing care for children and young people who have complex healthcare needs; involving respite care provision and liaising with healthcare professionals in schools for children with special educational needs. Sheryl then worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital enabling children and young people requiring long-term parenteral nutrition to live as normal a life at home as possible. Sheryl’s most recent clinical experience was in a highly specialist child and adolescent mental service assessing children and young people who have complex neurodevelopmental and mental health conditions; for example, autism, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Sheryl is a qualified nurse teacher and has a master’s degree in Applied Psychology.

Experience as an educator:

Sheryl has over 10 years’ experience teaching in Higher Education. She has taught on pre-registration undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including leading modules for students of children’s nursing, adult nursing and mental health nursing, children’s community nursing, health visitors and school nurses. Sheryl has facilitated interprofessional education modules attended by students of nursing, medicine and pharmacy. Her experience has also involved creating and leading a programme for qualified children’s nurses to learn to care for children and young people who have physical and mental healthcare needs. Sheryl has chaired the largest exam board in the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery and Palliative Care, King’s College London, and led the Postgraduate Diploma programme in Nursing with Registration as a Children’s Nurse. In 2019, Sheryl received a nomination for a King’s Excellence in Teaching Award in Innovation for Teaching.

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