Clinical supervision

“Sheryl has made a massive difference to the team during some very stressful and turbulent times, with shortages of staff, staff dynamics, difficulties with team working, caring for children and their families during difficult times, looking after one another during palliative care for dying children, and changes in funding or changes of contracts for the team.

Sheryl has encouraged us to reflect on these difficulties, encouraging us to think of group solutions, and ensuring that we don’t simply discuss things in supervision and move on to the next topic, we always have a list of objectives post supervision, and Sheryl gives us clear guidelines of where to go for help, and we feedback at the next meeting.”

“Sheryl is an excellent facilitator and I always feel as though I have got something out of the sessions I have received. Sheryl communicates well with the group; she is always respectful of our conversations and adheres to confidentiality. Sheryl is very professional and a credit to nursing.”

“I really cannot speak highly enough about the value that I place on clinical supervision and the benefits it has had for the team. Having somebody removed and a little distant from the situation is very important. They are able to see things in a more objective manner and are not tied up in the emotion in the same way we are. This applies to the issues regarding staff both personal and professionally. Clinical supervision provides a safe space to discuss very difficult issues and we regularly find that we are struggling with the same issues within the team.

I have seen a huge improvement in my team’s ability to cope with ever-increasing stresses and strains placed on our service. We have been set an example through clinical supervision and how to constructively deal with problems and I would encourage everybody to access it.”

A group of nine children’s community nurses receiving clinical supervision every six weeks across a three-year time span, endorsed the following statements:

“It is important to make time for clinical supervision sessions to continue learning through reflecting on practice, to improve clinical practice and patient care, and to improve team-working.”

“I value the neutral space clinical supervision provides for me to address and resolve challenges I face at work.”

“Clinical supervision sessions enable me to explore work-related issues of importance to me.”

“Our clinical supervisor enables us to problem-solve as a team.”

“I would recommend clinical supervision to other nurses or nursing teams.”

“Our clinical supervision supervisor demonstrates compassion, respect and professionalism.”

“Sheryl is lovely and facilitates the sessions really well”

“Clinical supervision allows us time to reflect on our practice and difficult situations and share our experiences. It gives us an opportunity to learn from each other.”

“Clinical supervision allows us time to reflect on our practice and difficult situations and share our experiences. It gives us an opportunity to learn from each other.”

“Clinical supervision has enabled me to voice my opinion about my work, concerns and how to improve practice and team-work. I would recommend it to other nurses.”

“It has been really helpful to me, and helped with some problems I had within the team”

“Sheryl is extremely helpful and calming and works well with the team to work at possible solutions for the situations spoken about in the sessions”

“Sheryl is always very professional and is very skilful in encouraging the team to explore different issues, and providing constructive feedback and ideas”